We specialise in finding the most suitable host family in the south west region of Ireland. We have an elite group of host families, ready to welcome international students into their home and family life. Living with one of our host families gives students the opportunity to fully experience the special warmth of Irish host families, which is renowned globally.

Conversing with your host family on a daily basis and in conjunction with your academic studies, you will soon find that your command of the English language will greatly improve in both written and oral standards.

Specializing in the 12 - 18 years-old age group, Study Kerry Ireland has expertise in all areas of international language study.

All of our experienced team members are knowledgeable about our chosen schools, the staff members, courses & content, teaching methods, and school facilities. Based on each student's personal needs and preferences, our team members will help the students select the perfect language immersion program. Once a program has been selected, we will help take care of all of the enrollment details.

Before, during and after the language immersion program, we assist our students & their parents. During our interview process, we give important information about the school and location. As Study Kerry Ireland only accepts a limited number of students every year, a team member is always available to offer support to students and parents/guardians. Once the language immersion program is over, we will have follow-up communications with the students.

Your contact never stops with Study Kerry, while you are with us we will keep your family updated about your progress, when you return home for mid term breaks we will keep you up to date on our local weather and flight times etc. Upon your return we hope that you stay in touch through our Facebbok page & Twitter account, we post daily updates on new projects we are working on for both short stay and long stay students who join our programmes.