Students age 12-18 Academic Year:
Spending an academic year or semester with Study Kerry in Ireland provides students with an invaluable opportunity for personal development, increasing cultural knowledge and awareness, and gaining confidence in spoken and written English.
Our programme is open to students in age range 12 to 18 years, who wish to learn English in Ireland.
Our selected schools are based in the south west region of Ireland only, they are chosen because of their caring and supportive philosophy and we have local coordinators based in close proximity to each school.

The Irish school system is governed by the Irish Department of Education. Every school has to follow current government guidelines, whereby all students follow the same courses and take the same state examinations at the end of the academic year, regardless to which school they attend.

Junior Certificate:
At Junior Cert level there are core subjects which must be studied and optional subjects to choose from.
The core subjects include English, Mathematics, Irish*, History, Geography & CSPE.

The optional subjects choice are: Home Economics, German, French, Woodwork, Technical Graphics, Art, Business and Science. Non examinations subjects are Social, Personal and Health Education (S.P.H.E.) and Physical Education.
*International students are EXEMPT from studying the subject of Irish.

Transition Year / Fourth Year:
Transition year is a one year education programme available to all international students. It includes traditional academic subjects, careers' education, work experience and personal social development.

The main aims are to encourage students to develop a positive approach to learning education. To promote the personal, social and educational development of pupils and to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative, and responsible members of society. It is a great opportunity for international students to improve their understanding of the English language both written and spoken while experiencing the Irish culture.

Leaving Certificate:
The Leaving Certificate offers students a broad and balanced education while allowing for some specialisation.
Syllabuses are provided in a wide range of subjects. All subjects are offered at Ordinary and Higher levels.
The Leaving Certificate is used for purposes of selection into further education, employment, training and higher education.
The core subjects which are compulsory are English, Irish* and Mathematics.
*International students are EXEMPT from studying the subject of Irish.

The following are a list of the subjects our schools offer as Examination subjects:
Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Construction Studies, Design Graphics and Communication, French, German, Geography, History, Home Economics, Physics and Music.
Non Examination Subjects:Religious Education (optional), Guidance and Physical Education.

What does the programme consist of?
- Upon arrival, your local coordinator will ensure an easy transition and that your early days are just like home from home. You will be personally introduced to your host family.

- Full board and lodging with a host family for the duration of the academic semester or year.
(Excluding Christmas & Easter Holidays). All families are personally chosen by Study Kerry and are selected on the basis of their interest in the welfare of international students and their ability to provide a positive home environment.

- Each student will have at his/her disposal, his/her own bedroom in the Host Family which will also be furnished with a desk for study purposes.

- Enrolment in a school that has been previously agreed between StudyKerry and the students family.

- School insurance which includes 24 hour cover.

- School books and school uniform (excluding school shoes, outer coat and school jacket).

- An active coordinator who will liaise with the student, school & host family.

- All administration services relating to student/host family and school.

- 24 hour access to a coordinator who will be on call 365 days per year.