Ireland is an island located immediately to the west of the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. It is considered the 20th largest island in the world. Unlike the United Kingdom, Ireland is a member of the European Union. English is the most commonly spoken language in Ireland and it is one of the country's two official languages. The country's location on the edge of Europe means that cities such as , Barcelona & Madrid, Rome & Milan, Frankfurt & Berlin or Paris & Nice are just a short flight away.With the availability of low cost flights you can be off to Spain,Italy, Germany or France on a Friday evening and returning for classes on Monday morning! Ireland is an excellent starting point for all of your educational needs. We are based in the south west of Ireland in the idyllic setting of the Irish countryside.


Irish schools promise “the warmest of welcomes” and that is exactly what you can expect: a friendly, cosmopolitan environment that invites students from all over the globe. In fact, not only is Ireland one of the safest places to study abroad, our small nation is also regularly voted as one of the friendliest countries.

Combined that with the fact that our schools  are known for high-quality education, and you’ll understand what makes Ireland so popular with international students.