Jacopo Grandinetti, Milan
Living in Ireland for a year was fantastic. I have made new friends and I now have a second family. StudyKerry looked after everything I needed from the time I arrived until it was time for me to leave. To know that they were there for me anytime of the day was great for my parents to know. My family are planning a return visit next year to see where I lived and to meet all of the friends I made.
Alice Gribouille, Paris
When I arrived in Ireland, I didn't know what to expect. When I was introduced to my host family by StudyKerry, they made me feel so welcome and the transition was smooth. It took a few days for me to settle in and relax, but having a local co ordinator really set my mind at ease. The school was fantastic, warm & friendly. During the year, when my parents felt I needed some extra tuition, the team at StudyKerry stepped in and arranged it for me. I am really grateful to them for that as my end of year exam results were really good.
Sophia Schneider, Munich
Ireland was a wonderful place to learn English for a semester. The small numbers in the school really helped. My parents were very happy that StudyKerry only take in a limited amount of students on their programme. I joined the local basketball team and it really helped me integrate into the local community where I made some wonderful friends. My host family were really nice and my parents were extremely happy that StudyKerry sent them regular reports on my progress throughout my stay. All of my friends have heard about my experience in Ireland and have contacted StudyKerry as they would love to learn English in Ireland like i did
Daniela Azcona, Madrid
Although I was only 16 years of age when I travelled to Ireland with StudyKerry for a semester, I think it will be the best experience I will ever have in my life. During our skype interviews I knew that I was in safe hands with the StudyKerry team. My mom and dad were also very happy and during the midterm break, they flew into see me, where I lived and also to visit my host family. It was a wonderful time for me and my family. Since then my sister has also travelled to Ireland with StudyKerry and spent a semester there.
Jordi Fernandez, Barcelona
For me it was like home from home during my school year in Ireland. The only difference was the weather which took me some time to get used to. The people, the school and the team in StudyKerry were all fantastic to me. The whole experience of life in a different country has changed my way of looking at things and my mam and dad both agree that I have matured and developed as a person. I have thought about the negative side to my stay with StudyKerry and I cannot find anything to say. One year in Ireland has changed my life and I still keep in regular contact with the StudyKerry team and all of my Irish friends.